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Nine Inch Nails; yes as in the band.

June 2016 I was at an amphitheater that has changed hands so many times I cannot even tell you what the name was when I went to this particular NIN show. I believe it was Bank Calumet Amphitheater at the time in Tinley Park Illinois, but again I could be wrong.

Anyway, I was there in the lawn on a date and the best thing about that night was NIN, like my mind was blown! There is nothing better than experiencing Trent Reznor belt out Closer live, nothing I tell you, noting. His voice, the bass, the sounds, and the lights…wow! I mean the recordings, as good as they are, just don’t compare once you’ve heard it live.

Oct. 27, 2018 my love who knows how much I love to eat at places that been on Triple D on Food Network, surprised me by taking me to Kuma’s Corner in Chicago right before our first NIN concert together. The food Amazing! Go I highly recommend the Slayer Burger which is bun-less and way too much food for two people.

Slayer Burger on left, can’t remember the one on the right.

This is where this story becomes a huge part of our love story. This was the first time my love and I saw NIN “together”, but it actually wasn’t. In June 2016 we were both at the same NIN show. I there with the wrong person in the lawn, he there with the wrong person/or people as well, but we were there “together”, we share the memory of that day, my first ever NIN concert, but just a little differently.

We have also figured out that this was the first of what would turn out to be many shows he and I have been at “together” but apart. We’ve shopped at the same stores, eaten at the same places, I mean he ate at the White Castle down from my house in College and I was in high school…

We’ve wondered how many time we’ve crossed each other’s paths without even knowing we would find each other someday. This particular NIN concert with the love of my life standing next to and then behind me with his arms around me…no better feeling!

This NIN concert also lead to me diagnosed with P.o.T.S (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). I’ve struggled since puberty with this condition undiagnosed and I am so glad that the man that I was at this NIN concert with on 10/27/2018 is the man he is. We had perfect spots and he ended up giving those up when I fainted, and then I couldn’t stand to enjoy NIN perform. So here I am with the hottest sexiest song starts being played and I can’t even stand with the man that I love. Missing standing with him while Closer played was a bummer. I had looked forward to it, but at least I got to sit in the back and enjoy the music.

I love our love story, it’s so full of twists and turns. We often find things, still after almost 4 years that we did “together” apart, like my kids trick-or-treating at his dads house for 4 years before I knew him, and yet he said he would usually be at his dads during that time, so I’m sure we’ve crossed paths even then.

NIN is a part of our love story, and that’s amazing!