706 days

I know now that my Prince Charming wants to give his Cinderella her ball, the day he feels she deserves.

I know it.

I understand it.

I am trying to learn to be okay with that. I have to learn to be okay with being loved. It’s a scary and still relatively new thing for me. It freaks me out. I know I love my love so much I can’t even adequately put it into words.

I’m trying really hard to do my best and learn how to be okay with being love and recognize when I’m loving, because I’m not certain how it is I show love to people, but people say they love the way I love, so I trust them. I try my best and I fail.

My love keeps pulling me close when I push away, he is making me feel again. I am trying to allow him to love me; I’m trying to allow others to love me.

I cannot wait to celebrate all the love he has shown me. My prince, my hero, my love, I cannot wait to dance the night away and fall asleep as your wife in 706 days.

I promise you that I’m going to try really hard to find that joy again. You keep encouraging me and I’ll keep working on it. Teamwork. I am so thankful for this teammate God has given me. My love if you’re reading this remember, I will love you forever.

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