Red Lips

Yesterday I came across some interesting information on red lipstick and why women wore red lips WWII. I would have been one of these women I know it.

Here is some interesting history for you. Supposedly Hitler hated red lipstick. So much so that he decided to enforce strict rules about what the “ideal” German woman would look like.

Over in America though we women we weren’t silent. I’m starting to notice a trend here within our society and in my personal life, women are loud and noise makers and that’s offensive to some, but us loud women we get stuff done. We lead the way in changing society and drawing attention to societal flaws. At least I know I do. I lose so many relationships for this.

But anyway, American women decided that it was time to “speak out” so to speak. They refashioned the red lip and brought back red lipstick during the Great Depression which caused them to hoard their favorite red and caused a whole lipstick shortage. It’s real look it up.

They weren’t just looking for an excuse to go out and spend money in a time where money was scarce and jobs were low and such a low time in our history, economically that is. They did this to send a loud and clear message. I’m pretty certain that message was, “Eff you Hitler and you’re effing racist bs and fascist way of life! Eff you! Eff you!” They knew I’m sure that this was the best way to be seen and heard in a “mans world”.

In the 1940s women wearing red lipstick charge into factories and the battlefields wearing bright red lipstick telling Hitler and his supporters that they will not tolerate hate anymore! And thus led the lipstick war during WWII. There are so many, many, many interesting things about this movement that you should look up. When you learn women’s history you feel empowered.

Yesterday I vowed to wear red lipstick everyday to speak out against systemic racism, systemic oppression, segregation, fascism, and anyone who feels the need to marginalize or hate another human being.

I am also starting the #redlipsforBernie hashtag because I believe that Bernie Sanders is the answer to the problems we are facing today. I do not believe Joe Biden or Donald Trump are fit to hold office. They are liars and manipulators and will do and say whatever it takes for your vote.

Bernie has been fighting for equality and justice for ALL since well before I was born, so please people he is still on the ballot, you can still vote for him. Also you do realize that we don’t need him to campaign we can do that for him. He stepped back to do his job as a United States Senator, so let’s do ours and help this country change. I will not give up hope!

I wrote Bernie in 4 years ago and I am prepared to cast my vote for him this November as well. Don’t seek your morals to the devil. Either one this November.


2 thoughts on “Red Lips

  1. That’s good your wearing it! You wear it very nice!! I never knew about that how women back then brought red lipstick back..also that Hitler never liked it..but ice been wanting to fet back kinda into that history a bit.cause of this one book its called ” Tatooist of Auschwitz” about how this man tattooed numbers and he was going to try to save the rest of the people and how he was going to marry one lady. But that book got to me and how I’ve been wanting to read it like idk why but its like said it’d be food for people whom never read on stuff like about Auschwitz and for people who have.and I used to like history a lot ..I still do like museums and such when I used to go..but its like hmm I will have to look this red lipstick story up never heard about it till I relaize why everyone wears alot of it..hmm.interesting..


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